[horde] Version being stripped from config.php

Jaz horde at harbell.net
Fri Apr 29 09:16:11 PDT 2005

It seems that regenerating config's is stripping the version line from 
config.php (all apps).

"No version found in your configuration. Regenerate Configuration."

Everything was going fine -- regenerating config's for all apps was 
working. Then all of the sudden I got
this error on the horde's Admin / Setup page, for the IMP application.

Regenerating IMP config.php didn't resolve the error, nor are there any 
red errors on any of the tabs.
I recall that I must have regenerated IMP config yesterday but never 
came back around to the Setup page, so I didn't notice the error until 
this morning.

So investigated by attempting to regenerate the horde config.php and the 
same thing happened for that app.

Comparing config.php and config.php.bak (horde) showed this line to be 
// $Horde: horde/config/conf.xml,v 2005/03/22 11:40:14 jan Exp $

No having a backup IMP config, I converted this line from the original 
config.xml source:
<!-- $Horde: imp/config/conf.xml,v 1.53 2004/12/09 15:33:27 slusarz Exp 
$ -->

and replaced what my best guess for the missing version line back into 
IMP's config.php -- this prevents the Setup page error (whereas 
regenerating doesn't):
// $Horde: imp/config/conf.xml,v 1.53 2004/12/09 15:33:27 slusarz Exp $

Note that upon regeneration I get:
Successfully saved the backup configuration file 
Success  Successfully wrote 

I tested this with other applications and I see that it ahppens to them 
all: horde, imp, kronolith, turba, etc.

I'm using the latest version of these apps, the horde & IMP databases 
were carefully upgraded, and the other DBs are new.  My system is 
Windows 2000, Apache 1.3.29, PHP 4.3.5-dev, and just reinstalled PEAR.

Any idea what might be afoot?


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