[horde] Initial Install Question

Adrian Nadeau anadeau at evolvingsolutions.ca
Sat Apr 30 14:21:02 PDT 2005


Fairly new to PHP and Horde.  Very interested in getting it installed and
running.  However, having an issue getting it running.  Installed Apache 2
and PHP 5.0.4 and seem to be functioning fine.  We used the PHP tar file
(php-5.0.4.tar.gz) to set it up on a Windows XP box (we didn't actually
build PHP).  When we try to go to the /horde/test.php we get the following

Ctype Support: Yes
DOM XML Support: No
FTP Support: Yes
GD Support: No
Gettext Support: No
Horde will not run without gettext support. Compile PHP with --with-gettext
before continuing.

Is there a way to update the PHP install so that it is setup properly even
though we didn't build it?  We are having a similar problem with the DOM XML
Support.  We have it downloaded and installed but we can't figure out how to
run the ./configure command (--with-xml --with-dom) because we didn't build
PHP.  We could not run the build for PHP because we do not have a Microsoft
Development Environment.

Any suggestions on how to proceed and get Horde setup would be greatly


Adrian Nadeau
VP, Development
Evolving Solutions...Technology for changing
anadeau at evolvingsolutions.ca

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