[horde] [imp] webmail user interface

Jigish Gohil jigish.gohil at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:08:30 PDT 2005

check out


Someone else could probably point you to a demo site.


On 6/6/05, Tara Kinney <tkinney at warwickmckinley.com> wrote:
> Can you please provide information about the full features of horde webmail? i.e. is it similar to outlook and other webmail systems where you have calendar, notes, tasks, files, and other capabilities tied to your webmail account? If I want to transfer my web hosting from another service provider, how easy will it be for me to transfer those catagories of data (i.e. notes, calendar, tasks, etc.) to your webmail system? Can I see the complete user interface or have a temporary account to use/review the system before I subscribe to services? Thanks
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