[horde] user lists / permissions / group admin problem

Joseph Malone josephmalone at higlum.com
Fri Jun 10 09:18:15 PDT 2005

Zitat von Joseph Malone <josephmalone at higlum.com>:

> When you are editing permissions for notepads, calendars etc. or when you are
> editing groups as an administrator, I have ran into a problem getting a user
> list in the box that is supposed to return a list of all users.  When setting
> permissions, there is simply nothing in the drop down box.  However, when
> trying to add new members to a group, an error is put into the user list box
> that says:
> ---
> 1
> 1024
> horde.error
> Too many login failures
> Array
> ---
> Any ideas as too why this is happening?  We are using cyrus imap and
> authenticating with saslauthd against LDAP...

>Your admin credentials for that server are wrong in config/servers.php.


I thought this was the problem too, but the credentials are correct.  I have
another slightly updated version of horde running with the same servers.php
file and the permissions work fine. I don't think it is an imp problem, is
there somewhere else an error could be?

Joseph Malone
Higgins Hardwoods
MIS Department
6999 Southfront Rd,
Livermore, CA

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