[horde] Logins!

dermot@deadlocked.org dermot at deadlocked.org
Fri Jun 10 12:00:27 PDT 2005


I've installed Horde/IMP (both latest versions) on my web/mail portal and am
pretty impressed with them.

One thing I'd like to know is how to stop Horde/IMP from asking me to log on
twice. I have IMP set as the default module; when users log in to Horde, they
are asked to log in to IMP, even though they are using the same
username/password! There's a message at the top of the second login prompt
stating "Login Failed" for some reason.

Anyone got any idea what the problem is? Or is this a feature? I've installed
Horde/IMP previously and I recall that there was an option to have IMP use the
same login session as Horde, but I can't find any reference to this in the
online literature any more.

Thanks in advance,

Dermot Williams

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