[horde] HORDE-cvs + KOLAB2 RC3 + Toltec RC3

Sery Daniel sery.daniel at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 12 08:47:29 PDT 2005

Hi all,

For our customers, we're trying to connect OL2k and OL2k3 with KOLAB 2 RC3 and 
we also use Horde-cvs (kronolith, turba, imp, nag, ...). We use Toltec 
Connector RC3.
All is working almost fine ;)
In fact, we have some problems and these concern Toltec and Horde, it's why I 
posted this message on the mailing-list Horde and Toltec.
Our goal is to have Toltec and Horde to inter operate.
The difficulty is, also, the fact we are use the french localisation (mailbox 
"Tasks" become "Tâches", "Calendar"=>"Calendrier"...)

here the problems which we have :

- Toltec put the tasks in the "INBOX/T&AOI-ches" (in french !!) without any 
problem, and Horde try to connect to "INBOX/Tasks". I modify the Kolab.php 
(pear) to have "T&AOI-ches" instead of "Tasks"; this seems to work because 
Horde doesn't find any error but it does not see any tasks. I did not have 
the time yet to see what occurs if I create the task in Horde.

- For the "Calendar", I renamed, always in the Kolab.php, to "Calendrier", and 
this work fine. Horde can see the events which are created by Toltec. Even, 
the calendars which are shared, are seen without problem.
But, I can't modify or create with Horde ==> the modifications (or creations) 
are taken into account in Horde, but Toltec see them at the first synchro and 
they disappear at the next synchro !!

 - For the notes, it's the same problem : Horde see them but it can't modify 
or create; in fact, if I create with Horde (mnemo) , it see the note 
correctly but Toltec does not see the note (even with a synchro).

- For the personal contacts ("Carnet d'adresses personnel"), Horde does not 
see them at all. I use the "kolab_local" in the config of Turba. I know that 
there were problems with Turba and Kolab concerning IMP and the store in 
INBOX/Contacts of Kolab2 ! is this still the case ?
Horde does not see what is in INBOX/Contacts or it does not understand the 
contact format ?

I think if these problem are resolved, then, you will have a product to 
replace Exchange+OWA : HORDE+KOLAB2+TOLTEC.

In any case, thank you for this great work that you to realize to purpose a 
colaborative solution worthy of this name.

Best regards,

Daniel SERY
Architecte SYSTEMES
SARL Sphaire

PS : excuse my English, it isn't very good.

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