[horde] Can't connect Oracle

Roger Fishwick roger at keyslider.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 08:10:07 PDT 2005

Assuming you have oci working with php/apache and you have a sql user setup 
with the tables created and all this is visible via say sqlplus, then you 
probably have the database config slightly wrong, should be something like 
$conf['sql']['persistent'] = false;
$conf['sql']['username'] = 'horde';
$conf['sql']['password'] = 'horde';
$conf['sql']['hostspec'] = 'rdl6.world';   <as in your tns names >
$conf['sql']['charset'] = 'iso-8859-1';
$conf['sql']['phptype'] = 'oci8';

note it is probably best to start without sessions in the database as the 
syntax is slightly different, at least that way you know you have it 
working and you can figure out the session values

--On 07 July 2005 11:27 -0300 Daniel Bauermann <dblistas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to install Horde 3.0 with Oracle. But I can't connect with
> the database.
> The error is happening: "Unable to connect to SQL server.".
> Then, I'm trying debbug the program "horde/lib/Horde/Auth/sql.php" (I
> don't know PHP enough!)... I print "$this->_params['username']" and
> can see the value "root".
> But in my "config/conf.php" I have "$conf['sql']['username'] = 'horde';"!
> If I force the parameter to right value, I can connect with my
> database (ie: $this->_params['username'] = 'horde';).
> Someone know it's happening?
> Thanks,  Daniel.
> PS.: Sorry by my bad english.

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