[horde] Last login: Never

dick@nagual.st dick at nagual.st
Mon Jul 11 14:04:23 PDT 2005

Quoting Maciek Borowka <mborowka at clever-age.com>:

> You need to setup your preferences backend (check the administration panel).
> Yes, I know, this seems to be a little absurd, but actually, it's 
> true ;+). Horde uses the user preferences in order to store the most 
> recent login date.

Yes, that did the trick. I had forgooten to turn user prefs on. The 
moment I did
the last login msg is OK. I like horde. I really like it. so much to offer.

> dick at nagual.st wrote:
>> Everytime I login to horde/imp I get a "welcome Dick"followed by a 
>> "Last login:
>> Never" Of course this is wrong. ;-)
>> Can it be made so that the last logon is displayed correctly?
>> If so, where to look?

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