[horde] database switching between dev and production

Greg Rundlett Greg.Rundlett at savaJe.com
Wed Jul 13 12:06:23 PDT 2005

I'm wondering what is the recommended way of switching db backends based 
on hostname?

I've got a development repository and a production repository with the 
same code in both and I want to be able to test with separate db 
backends so that real data doesn't get polluted.

I was thinking I could use a hack like this in the _connect method of my 
db factory class

             * hack to enable database switching on-the-fly based on the 
webserver host
            $thisHost = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
            switch ($thisHost) {
                case 'ab.dev.savaje.com':
                    $this->_params['database'] = 'horde-dev';
                    $this->_params['database'] = 'horde';

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