[horde] IMAP: consistently inconsistent updates

Alainn alainn at chara.de
Sun Jul 17 16:30:05 PDT 2005

Hiya, I am getting consistently inconsistent updates in IMP:

1)  I almost always have to refresh the screen after the last update, 
before a new update will be taken
2)  the "purge delete" will often require 2-3 tries before actually deleting

I am uising imap-proxy, though whether or not this is used appears to 
make no difference in the erratic behavior of IMP/IMAP

I am using IMAP/NOTLS with version  "IMAP4rev1 2004.357"

I have tried various versions of IMAP, after reading that others had 
this problem as well -  using an earlier version was suggested, so I 
tried it.  The erratic behavior was only differently erratic.  That may 
not sound very exacting, but neither is the behavior:  it is really a 
"sometimes, sometimes not" situation.

Which version of IMAP are people using with success?
Is the IMAP/NOTLS the cause, perhaps?

any other ideas?  This is driving me nuts.



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