[horde] IMAP -> LDAP authentication problem.

Michael S Lim Michael.Lim at eigenstones.com
Mon Aug 1 05:57:20 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I have successfully made these packages working nicely together. I am using 
Debian-Sarge and the version for all software are listed here (using apt-get):

slapd version 2.2.23
postfix 2.1.5
sasl2 2.1.19
apache 1.3.33 Ben-SSL/1.55
PHP 4.3.10-15
Courier IMAP 1.29 with ssl/ldap support
OPENSSL 0.9.7e
JAMM 0.9.6
SquirrelMail 1.4.4

I substitute Horde3.0.5/IMP-h3-4.0.3 for SquirrelMail above, and I could not 
login from Horde using courier IMAP (which in turn uses LDAP for 
authentication). Horde insist to use CRAM-MD5 for authentication (messages 
from LOG file), and does not pass on to LDAP for authentication...

I can telnet directly to localhost:25 and login via courier IMAP ok. Wondering 
if any of you out there could shine some light on me.

best wishes

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