[horde] req. small mods

Paul van der H. paul at mystery-land.net
Tue Aug 2 00:42:09 PDT 2005

Morning everybody,

I have been using horde from a long time now, first on my Red hat /
Fedora server now on 2 of my Debian (unstable) Servers, which works

Since some day I am modifi-ing (?? :$) the horde with extra's and
theme's. All the time that "stupid" "#" (arrival by) is there in my
list, but that i really dont know :). I have search multiple
website's (horde lists, google) but nothing can be found on this
subject how i can remove this row / collom. Hopefully can help me
with this! Also i want to remove the size and realign the Rows.

If anybody can help me, please let me know how!


Paul van der Holst

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