[horde] Sidebar : internal server error once logged with suphp

Jean-Christophe Montigny jcm at assoces.com
Wed Aug 3 04:57:40 PDT 2005


I got horde configured and working for months now.

I made a change to my config yesterday : i used to use php as a module, now 
i switched to suphp. It made horde's sidebar crash : once you're logged into 
horde, the sidebar displays an error 500, without further error in apache's 
error log except "premature end of script headers" and that's all. I looked 
at script's permissions and they're OK.

I wonder if anybody else ran into that specific problem when using suphp. 
It's true there's a memory limit on my system, but it's set to 30MB for 
horde (since mail server will stop at 20MB anyway) and I guess it's enough 
to display a sidebar :)


Jean-Christophe Montigny 

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