[horde] users are able to login without password...

sisterscape sisterscape at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 08:13:14 PDT 2005

1. It's a little different than that on dialup.  Yes, if I login to
Horde, move on to other sites then return to Horde in the same session,
my inbox is still there and active.  However, next dialup connection, I
am asked to reenter my PW since it is a different IP number.  Previous
version of Horde would allow the Login to remain active over multiple
internet connections.  Eventually it would time out and I'd have to
login again which was a bit of a hassle but acceptable with the IE6
autocomplete function.

2. However,The IE6 function to save UN and PW no longer works in Horde
and this is very distressing as without it, many, many logins are
required throughout the day.  How can I get the auto login to work
again?  PLEASE HELP!


--- Anant S Athavale <asa at isac.ernet.in> wrote:

When the user has logged in and closes the browser without logout.  He
again opens the browser and visits mail home page.  He is logged in
without username and password.  Is it suppose to behave like this when
a browser is closed without logout or any problem with the 

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