[horde] Servers List

Morne Oosthuizen - MWEB Africa MOosthuizen at mweb.com
Sun Aug 7 23:45:24 PDT 2005

I've got two mail servers that i need to connect to
the user will sign in with either "me at example.com" or "me", it should log into server one.
however, if i use me at home.com, it should log into server two. 
but it does not. It still uses me at home.com and tries to sign into server one.
How can i fix this?
Morné Oosthuizen
MWeb Africa
Tel : +27 21 596-8107
Fax : +27 21 596 8420
Cell : +27 84 448 6791
email: moosthuizen at mweb.com

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