[horde] is there an Administrator password?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Mon Aug 8 05:48:14 PDT 2005

While setting up Horde with Kolab, after making this step:

Password (passwd)
Uncheck the option entitled Should we allow the user to specify the 

I'm no longer able to use the Horde web interface, as I don't know the 
Administrator credentials (Login failed because your username or 
password was entered incorrectly).
I don't remind being asked for an Administrator password.

Are there any "default" Administrator settings? Or, if not, how can I 
revert back to a password-less Administrator login?

I created a user Administrator in my LDAP/Kolab database, but when I log 
in, I can't set the "global, server" options, I just have the options of 
the regular user.


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