[horde] _horde_hook_authldap how to detect if called for user delete

Leah Cunningham leah at frauerpower.com
Sun Aug 14 14:22:16 PDT 2005


Using http://wiki.horde.org/ExistingLDAPHowTo?referrer=HowTo as a guide,
I added a hook for LDAP auth to horde.  It works okay, but there is a
piece of the code that updates a counter for next free uid on the system
in there.  I have noticed, that this code seems to run for additions and
deletions, so we get the count updated when a user is deleted, which is
not necessary, and sort of annoying.  Is there a way to tell when we are
being called for a delete and to not execute that code?  An example of
the code I am using is at:



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