[horde] enabling passwd

Silver Salonen silver at ultrasoft.ee
Wed Sep 21 00:11:52 PDT 2005


I've installed Horde onto my FreeBSD 5.4 from ports and configured it 
successfully. I'm using Horde with webroot => "" and authenticating from 

Now I'm trying to get Horde's module Passwd registered. I've set in 
$this->applications['passwd'] = array(
    'fileroot' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../passwd',
    'webroot' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/passwd',
    'name' => _("Password"),
    'status' => 'active',
    'menu_parent' => 'myaccount'

But it doesn't seem to help - passwd just doesn't get listed in Administration 
-> Setup. If I access https://horde.mydomain.dom/passwd/index.php, I see 
blank page.

I can't find any further instructions. I've digged a little in Horde's code, 
but I just don't get what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance,

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