[horde] Hi, config in horde 3.0.5?

Israel novelo inzel at uady.mx
Mon Oct 3 07:57:11 PDT 2005


All logs, from  PHP, and  Apache is fine, no error detected, i been read 
many and many times the  INSTALL txt, and the only difference is i use the 
"libxml2" library and in the INSTALL file recommends "Expat"  for XML 
management :

In PHP configure: '--with-dom=/opt/libxml'

  Today i going to re-compile te PHP source with:  '--with-dom=/opt/expat'

  any ideas??

At 11:48 02/10/2005, Jan Schneider wrote:
>Zitat von Israel novelo <inzel at uady.mx>:
> > "Go to Adminstration => Setup => Horde" ,  when i make click in  "Horde"
> > link configuration:
> >         a) If is a Internet Explore, send a "Page Not  Found"
> >         b) If is a Thuderbird, don't make some ..
>Check your web server and php log files.
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