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There were no messages, it simply reloaded the page back to the default
"general" tab... I did more investigation and found that my home grown web
authentication was causing the problem. I would select administration
->setup->authentication, then when I changed the "driver configuration"...
the page would reload and I was returned back to the
administration->setup->general tab. Nothing was logged.

Horde seems to work now, however I'm having difficulty configuring the Imp
system... I have a user account configured in horde, I'm using the mysql for
authentication, but the user account I have created doesn't work for Imp.

I feel like I'm overlooking something... is there some documentation for
configuring Imp, other then the /srv/www/horde/imp/docs/* you could

/src/www/horde/imp/test.php reports yes to everything, and accessing
http://localhost/horde/imp results in a login screen

Administration->setup shows all green checkmarks

I am able to login to /horde, but I fail logging into /horde/imp with a
"failed login" message.


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> So I click on Horde to configure it (administration -> setup -> horde),
> the configuration page loads. If I make a change and click "generate horde
> configuration" the changes are not stored, they simply revert to their
> original state.

What message do you get?


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