[horde] FW : Horde loggin and logfile rotation

support_mail support_mail at adi.gotdns.com
Fri Oct 7 00:06:39 PDT 2005

There is anny probleme with my account ? This is the third question i ask
with no response !
We change our domain name but the old domaine name is already ok and since
we change it i never had response juste the other people discution...

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Subject: Horde loggin and logfile rotation

I use horde3,from several day i use horde with login setup on debug because
i config my horde install,evrything works,but i change debug to notice
(defaut) and use logfile rotation (on a mdk 10.1 box) to rotate my horde log
file and after this only local connection ( are accepted,if i try
to connect with one of the network machine horde say to me bad
authentification,so i disable the horde login and after evrything was ok
In my test of setup login level once time i "broke" complety horde i haved
all the time a blank page and i must edit the file horde/conf/conf.php
delete evry line about log and change log][enable] to false and one again
evrything come back ok.
So it s a realy problem but perhaps it will be god to have a look ?

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