[horde] horde 3.0.5, postgresql session handler fails

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sat Oct 8 17:52:08 PDT 2005

Quoting Chris Stromsoe <cbs+horde at cts.ucla.edu>:

> After passing in authentication credentials, read() gets called with 
> a session
> id as above, starts a transaction, and selects on the sesion id FOR UPDATE to
> lock it.  In login.php on line 71 Horde::getCleanSession() is called,
> generating a new session id.  write() gets called with the new session id,
> which does an UPDATE which fails because there is no row in the table 
> with the
> new session id.

If there's no new read() call there, that's probably a bug in PHP - 
getCleanSession() triggers a complete re-set of the session handler. 
What PHP version do you have?

> Compounding the problem, the failure is not detected.  From
> lib/Horde/SessionHanderl/pgsql.php:
>         /* Build the SQL query. */
>         $query = sprintf('UPDATE %s SET session_lastmodified = %s,
> session_data= %s WHERE session_id = %s; COMMIT;',
>                          $this->_params['table'],
>                          time(),
>                          $this->quote($session_data),
>                          $this->quote($id));
>         /* Log the query at a DEBUG log level. */
>         Horde::logMessage(sprintf('SQL Query by 
> SessionHandler_pgsql::write():
> query = "%s"', $query),
>                           __FILE__, __LINE__, PEAR_LOG_DEBUG);
>         $result = @pg_query($this->_db, $query);
>         $success = (pg_affected_rows($result) == 0);
>         pg_free_result($result);
> Because the update query includes the COMMIT, I'm pretty sure that
> pg_affected_rows() will return the result of the COMMIT not the result of the
> UPDATE, which means that the test for pg_affected_rows() == 0 will always be
> true.  Testing to see if the UPDATE was succesful should probably be testing
> for pg_affected_rows() == 1.

If you can test this and post a patch on bugs.horde.org it'd be greatly 


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