[horde] Blank page after login (Eric)

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>Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:12:38 +0300
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>Subject: Re: [horde] Blank page after login
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>Hello Peter,

>Thursday, October 13, 2005, 6:10:30 PM, you wrote:

>>> apt-get remove doesn't remove the config files.
>>> apt-get remove --purge does.

>> Ok - thanks.
>> But what could I do to find the error?

>Search the archives. There are _a lot_ of threads about your issue.

>Best regards,
> Vilius
At the begin i had the same probleme and after analys i find two things
	- After login in Horde the imp app try to open imp page at
"" so it work only when you hare on localhost, and if not there is
a blank page. This one become from appache setup the param who say something
like (sorry i'm french) use the browser adress (in french from "WEBMIN" :
\serveur par defaut\reseau et adresse du serveur par defaut\Utiliser le nom
d'hôte fourni par le navigateur).

	- After login the user/pass was ok but my imp server (from
horde/imp/config/server.php) had a bad param,i can remeber exactly but i
think it was the folder prefix,i find this problem and resolv it by say to
show a list of server and configure only one in the
horde/imp/config/server.php file.

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