[horde] kronolith from Peru :(

Daniel Geldres daniel.geldres at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 16:27:24 PDT 2005

good night, I have a problem with kronolith, when I want to create an
event does not create anything to me in the table and message either
does not leave ningun to me error, but when I do select to him the
table of kronolith this empy.

My ingles is not so good I is Peruvian and is using a translator.


Calendar (kronolith)  H3 (2.0.4-RC1)
Address Book (turba)  H3 (2.0.3)
Filters (ingo)  H3 (1.0.2)
Horde (horde)  3.0.5
Mail (imp)  H3 (4.0.4-RC2)
Notes (mnemo)  H3 (2.0.2-RC1)
Password (passwd)  H3 (3.0-RC1)
Tasks (nag)  H3 (2.0.2)

Daniel Geldres Castro
Fono: 251-3584
Cel: 950-84999
MSN: daniel_geldres at hotmail.com
Lima - Peru


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