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Roy Miller denomale at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 16 07:20:01 PDT 2005


I had the same very frustrating problem. PHP and Pear is not my forte, but I
was able to get past the limitation by doing the following. Perhaps someone
with more Pear knowledge help us understand why pear upgrade doesn't work
like we expect.

# to install horde I needed the following installed
# note these are commands executed as root, they may not be listed here in
the correct order, so rerun this list until everything is installed

___start quote___
pear install archive_tar
pear install auth_sasl
pear install console_getopt
pear install date
pear install http_request
pear install log
pear install mail_mime
pear install net_smtp
pear install net_sieve
pear install net_socket
pear install text_wiki
pear install xml_rpc
pear install file

pear install pear-1.3.5
pear upgrade pear
pear install db

pear install cache
pear install net_dime
pear install Net_URL
pear install soap
pear install xml_util
pear install xml_parser
pear install serializer
pear install xml_serializer
pear install services_weather

pear upgrade-all

___end quote___

Roy Miller

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On Sat, 2005-10-15 at 09:32 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> just setup new cvs on my server and I can't get the sidebar to show on
> Firefox (Linux) or Firefox or IE (Windows) for any users though show
> sidebar is clearly set. The space is there but there is no data in the
> frame.
> I did migrate some data from my previous cvs install but I cleared out
> all horde datatree stuff but I did keep some of the horde_prefs - which
> may be my issue. I did delete all the prefs for a user and then logged
> in as that user but still no sidebar. Is this a sessions problem?
troubleshooting this thing, I am thinking that I need to upgrade PEAR
but this isn't proving to be easy. CentOS 4.2 (RHEL 4 U2 clone)

# pear upgrade PEAR
downloading PEAR-1.4.2.tgz ...
Starting to download PEAR-1.4.2.tgz (270,370 bytes)
.........................................................done: 270,370
requires package `PEAR' >= 1.3.3
PEAR: Dependencies failed

# pear info PEAR
About PEAR-1.3.2
Provides        Classes: OS_Guess, System
Package         PEAR
Summary         PEAR Base System
Description     The PEAR package contains:
                 * the PEAR base class
                 * the PEAR_Error error handling mechanism
                 * the alpha-quality PEAR_ErrorStack advanced
                error handling mechanism
                 * the PEAR installer, for creating,
                 and installing packages
                 * the OS_Guess class for retrieving info about
                the OS
                 where PHP is running on
                 * the System class for quick handling common
                 with files and directories
Release License PHP License
Maintainers     Stig S ther Bakken <stig at php.net> (lead)
                Tomas V.V.Cox <cox at idecnet.com> (lead)
                Martin Jansen <mj at php.net> (developer)
                Pierre-Alain Joye <pajoye at pearfr.org>
                Greg Beaver <cellog at php.net> (lead)
Version         1.3.2
Release Date    2004-04-06
Release State   stable
Release Notes   Installer:
                 * fix Bug #1186 raise a notice error on
                PEAR::Common $_packageName
Release Deps    PHP >= 4.2
                Package Archive_Tar >= 1.1
                Package Console_Getopt >= 1.2
                Package XML_RPC >= 1.0.4
                ext xml ==
                ext pcre ==
Last Modified   2005-08-19

I have downloaded the PEAR tarball (1.42) but the layout of files is
slightly different and I'm uncertain how to handle it.

Any suggestions?

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