[horde] “from” column in set mail folder

Prof. Dr. Erich Eich e.eich at hs-mannheim.de
Mon Oct 17 00:17:08 PDT 2005

We are using IMP 2.3.6 . We recently got some trouble with the sent mail folder.
Different from other folders, the “from”-column in the sent mail folder
normally displays the adress of the recipent, preceded by “To:”. That’s the
relevant information in that folder. Unfortunately this is only true, if the
adress of the sender is identical to the adress specified in the identities
“Your From: adress:”. If the actual identity information does not match with
the mails sender adress,  the “from”-collumn in the sent mail folder contains
the “Your full name”-information of the identities record.

We recently had to change our domain name, which caused our mail-users to change
their identy records. As a result, older entries in the sent mail folder are
displayd with the unrelevant sender information in the “from”-column.

Does anybody know, if there is a possibility to configure the contents of the
“from”-column in the sent mail folder?

Thanks in advance

Erich Eich

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