[horde] Kolab 2.1 multidomain password change patch

Fabio Pietrosanti lists at pietrosanti.it
Mon Oct 17 11:43:22 PDT 2005

Hi all,

with kolab 2.1 to full support the change of password for users of
primary and secondary domains those modification are needed.

This fix apply either to Horde HEAD either to Horde STABLE removing
kolab passwd driver limitation that doesn't allow to change password on
secondary domain.
Auth::getAuth() return the username including the domain name allowing
password change.

-- Passwd configuration
FILE: horde/passwd/config/conf.php
$conf['hooks']['default_username'] = true;

-- Hooks Addendum: (inside the Kolab hooks)
FILE: horde/config/hooks.php
if (!function_exists('_passwd_hook_username')) {
    function _passwd_hook_username($userid)
        return Auth::getAuth();
if (!function_exists('_passwd_hook_default_username')) {
    function _passwd_hook_default_username($userid)
        return Auth::getAuth();

-- Kolab Driver FIX: REMOVE explicit issue regarding local maildomain
       // Make sure we're using the full user at domain format.
//        if (strstr('@', $username) === false) {
//           $username .= '@' .
//        }

Kind Regard


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