[horde] External Addressbook of Kolab not displayed in Turba

Fabio Pietrosanti lists at pietrosanti.it
Mon Oct 17 12:31:04 PDT 2005

Hi all,

the external addressbook entry added with kolab web interface are not
This because entry are added under cn=external,dc=example,dc=domain,dc=com .

In horde/turba/config/sources.php, under kolab statement i added a
cfgSource named "kolab_external" which is the exact copy of
"kolab_global" except for the root statement.

I verified that setting:
            'root' => 'cn=external,dc=example,dc=domain,dc=com',
work like a charm.

However i'm absolutelly not aware of php scripting and i was trying to
set a "portable" string that doesn't need extra modification like:
            'root' => 'cn=external,' .
but it doesn't work.

If someone could add in horde/turba/config/source.php the kolab_external
definition and write a root = statement which put before
$GLOBALS['conf']['kolab']['ldap']['basedn'] the string "cn=external,"
then it will work for everyone.

Kind Regards


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