[horde] (conditional) encoding problem

Eduardo Dominguez eduardodmz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 19:48:33 PDT 2005

I'm using SpreadsheetExcel_Writer from PEAR to create a basic XLS file
thru Horde. Everything in my horde install works fine. NLS detects
utf-8 for my browser, which is totally fine, but the version of excel
supported that Spreadhseet_Writer doesn't support UTF-8, only
iso-8859-1 (if I don'tgettext i get everything fine in my generated

I only need to make horde convert text to iso-8859-1 and not utf-8 in
the script where the file generation goes on and everything should be

Any ideas or pointers on how I can make Horde change the encoding for
just one script ?

Thanks in advance.

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