[horde] imp & login

Graeme Wood Graeme.Wood at ed.ac.uk
Fri Oct 21 04:10:37 PDT 2005

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von "Dmitry A. Sysoev" <sda at ucc.ru>:
> > I wish to use imp to give to users access to corporate mail.
> > All has established on docks, all works. But there is a problem.
> > How to make, that the user at all did not feel, what except for
> > imp it is established still horde i.e. to be authorized it was
> > possible at once and only in imp???
> Please try again, without a machine translator.

I think he means he wants people to be able to login without logging into
both horde and imp.   If that is the case, then he obviously needs to look
at the horde configuration option and select IMP as the application to
authenticate to.

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