[horde] Authentication problems (possible bug ?)

aferreira@gaiajoy.com aferreira at gaiajoy.com
Mon Nov 7 09:56:53 PST 2005

Hi There!

I'm trying to develop code to, among other stuff, authenticate with 
horde from a external application. As explain in the main docs, the 
main code goes like this:

// Define path to Horde.
define('HORDE_BASE', '/var/www/html/horde');

// Load the Horde Framework core, and set up inclusion paths.
require_once HORDE_BASE . '/lib/core.php';

// Create the Registry object.
$registry = &Registry::singleton();

$auth = &Auth::singleton($conf['auth']['driver']);
$authenticated = $auth->authenticate('$imapuser', array('password' => 


However I'm using imp for autentication; Put it this way, i'm 
autenticating in horde, that autenticates itself in imp(driver 
application imp) and then imp executes imap authentication (and then in 
/etc/passwd or ldap). This avoids the double login issue in imp.

Sounds like a lot of authentication workflow, but through the framework 
it really works like a charm. :)

Through the API it fails, stating this in the horde logs:

Nov 07 17:06:45 HORDE [emergency] [] imp does not provide an 
authenticate() method. [on line 105 of 

I'm almost sure autenticate() exists both in the horde api and in the imp one.

Either i'm not doing the call to the methods right or this is a 
bug...or something else...
I'm using imp 4.0.4 and Horde 3.0.6

Any help would be kindly appreciated.



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