[horde] Auth Problem (please help)

Todd V Banks todd.banks at toddvbanks.com
Wed Nov 9 16:20:20 PST 2005

I installed Horde (3.0.6 framework only so far) a couple days ago on my
Win2K server running PHP 5.0.4 under IIS.  I configured it to log to a MySQL
(v4.1.10) database and use LDAP for authentication.  I also write sessions
to the MySQL database.


Authentication is not working.


When I use the correct login credentials I get a message in the log table
saying that the user authenticated OK.  When I use incorrect login
credentials I get an error on the screen.  I believe the LDAP binds are
working OK.  I traced the problem down to the SESSION['__auth'] cookie.  For
some reason Horde seems to read the "generic" SESSION cookie (the one with
preferred language, etc) just fine, but the SESSION['__auth'] cookie seems
to lose state.  I have verified through echo/print_r statements I added in
the login and auth modules that the session write is executed and there are
no system/php errors generated at all.  I see the session in the database (I
tried is as regular PHP sessions with the same results).


I'm pretty sure sessions in general are configured properly on the web
server because the other SESSION cookie seems to maintain state.  Also, the
test script session counter increases when I refrest the page and resets to
zero when I press the button.  Bizarre ?!?!?!


My session config settings are as-follows:


$conf['session']['name'] = 'horde';

$conf['session']['cache_limiter'] = 'nocache';

$conf['session']['timeout'] = 180;

$conf['cookie']['domain'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

$conf['cookie']['path'] = '/';


I've tried changing the session_name above to a few different things
(PHPSESSID, etc) to no avail.  I also set the cookie_path to the '/' root
because I read on the list archive that IIS had some issues when certain IE
settings were made.  Neither change made any apparent difference.  I also
modified my IE settings to allow all cookies and I tested with Firefox just
to help eliminate Browser issues.  Both browsers exhibited the same symptoms


My PHP environment can be seen at
http://www.toddvbanks.com/temp/phpinfo().html .  I commented a few things
out for security reasons.


Any thoughts as to what this might be????   Thanks in advance for any help









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