[horde] translation problems w/ glibc 2.3.3 and later

liam hoekenga liamr at umich.edu
Fri Nov 11 11:25:53 PST 2005

Hey guys -

I upgraded our test horde server to glibc 2.3.3 and noticed that 
afterwards, the foreign language settings stopped working.  Neither 
changes to $prefs['language'] nor UMICH specific changes we made to 
po/en_US.po show up.

This machine normally runs apache 1.3.34, php 5.0.5 on a 2.4.31 kernel.

After upgrading, I tried recompiling gettext, iconv and php all to no 
avail.  I've tried newer versions of gettext and iconv that we have in 
production, and I've tried a later version of PHP (5.1.0RC4), but no 
earlier versions of 5 or 4.

Any ideas?

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