[horde] Problems setting up Horde with MySQL 5.0.5

Matt Singerman matt.singerman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 11:12:49 PST 2005


In case anyone else runs into this problem, this is what I did to solve it:

set password for 'horde'@'%'=old_password('per password here');

Horde is now installed, and I am moving on to IMP.  Cheers!

On 11/21/05, Matt Singerman <matt.singerman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to install Horde 3.0.6 on a FreeBSD 6.0 machine.  I am
> running MySQL 5.0.5 with PHP 4.4.1.  One thing I should note is that,
> due to problems with the FreeBSD ports of MySQL and PHP, I have
> installed everything from source.  Which you would think would make
> things easier :)
> MySQL is installed and working properly - I am able to connect from
> the command prompt.  When I try to connect from a remote machine,
> however, I get an error similiar to the one listed below, although I
> don't think this is necessary for Horde, so I am not sure if this is
> the issue..  I was actually able to install Horde and begin the
> installation process.  I generated a config.php file and copied it to
> the correct location, but that is where I began to run into problems.
> I am now getting a long error string in the Horde setup page.  I
> believe this is the relevant section, but please let me know if I need
> to give more information:
>   string(24) "DB Error: connect failed"
>   ["userinfo"]=>
>   string(123) " [nativecode=Client does not support authentication
> protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client] **
> Array"
> Now, when I first got this, I checked and sure enough, the server was
> running mysql client 4.1, so I installed client 5.0.5, from the
> FreeBSD ports collection.  I am able to connect with it from the
> command prompt on the server itself.
> So what do you think, folks?  Is it an issue with Horde, or possibly
> MySQL?  I don't have anything terribly important in the databases, so
> if downgrading to 4.1 might solve the problem, feel free to suggest
> it!  Thanks!
> Regards,
> Matt

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