[horde] Automatically load mail?

Bill Graham grahamcw at hurleybulldogs.com
Tue Nov 22 06:47:42 PST 2005

 From Horde page

Select Options/Display Options

Change the What application should Horde display after login?
to Mail

You cn also set a default in Horde/Config/prefs.php under initial_application

Quoting Matt Singerman <matt.singerman at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I have Horde installed, along with several additional applications
> (IMP, Turba, etc.).  Primarily, this installation will be used as a
> web-based mail interface for our users who are on the road.  to this
> end, I would like to minimize the effort people have to exert in order
> to access their mail.  I have already configured Horde to use IMP for
> authentication to avoid the double-login problem, which is definitely
> a nice feature to have.  However, when people log in, they are then
> simply dropped off at the default Horde page.  Is there anyway to get
> Horde to automatically open people's Inboxes upon login?  Thanks!
> Regards,
> Matt
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