[horde] Horde 3.0.6 and last version of IMPProblemson installon, windows 2000 / XP over apache 2.0 and mysql 4.1 (Gustavo Demaria)

Gustavo Demaria gmdemaria at datafull.com
Tue Nov 22 12:20:51 PST 2005

Chuck, Graeme: thank you very much for your help, yes extensions gettext, 
xmldom doesnot appear on phpinfo. I dont know why, I have the dll and are 
"enabled" on php.ini. I dont know where I have to looking for to solution 
this rare problem
  Thanks a lot again for your time and your pacience


"Chuck Hagenbuch" <chuck at horde.org> escribió en el mensaje 
news:20051122115057.byrrcykoz68844s0 at marina.horde.org...
> Quoting Gustavo Demaria <gmdemaria at datafull.com>:
>> yes, if you see the first response of this thread, on php.ini extensions 
>> are
>> uncomment ";" but horde dont detect this, I dont know what other config 
>> task
>> I have to do
> Neither do I, but it has nothing to do with Horde. If you don't believe
> me, write your own phpinfo() page and look for your extensions - they
> won't be enabled there either.
> -chuck
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