[horde] .rar attach not recognized

GG Noris gigi at pclinx.it
Wed Nov 23 10:45:52 PST 2005

i have a problem with horde and imp.

i have tested this situation.

with a client pop3 ( olk-express ) i send to an internal user a message
with attached a file in rar format.
i got to the destination user, and using imp in horde i see the attach
in the x-rar application format.
i save the attach and i decompress it.

the second try is:

i send with imp this same attach to the same user. if i go to the user
mailbox with imp i see the attach on the message in the text-plain
in this case i save the attach to my folder, and when i open it, is

I have missed a configuration in horde or horde and imp need a
particular config or program to recognize .rar attach ?
I have searched in google for this problem, but i do not have find never
that help my.



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