[horde] .rar attach not recognized

Graeme Wood Graeme.Wood at ed.ac.uk
Thu Nov 24 03:23:28 PST 2005

On Thu, 24 Nov 2005, Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von GG Noris <gigi at pclinx.it>:
> > with a client pop3 ( olk-express ) i send to an internal user a message
> > with attached a file in rar format.
> > i got to the destination user, and using imp in horde i see the attach
> > in the x-rar application format.
> > i save the attach and i decompress it.
> >
> >
> > the second try is:
> >
> > i send with imp this same attach to the same user. if i go to the user
> > mailbox with imp i see the attach on the message in the text-plain
> > format.
> > in this case i save the attach to my folder, and when i open it, is
> > broken.
> Your browser is setting the mime type when uploading the file, this has
> nothing to do with Horde/IMP.

Actually I am not sure that that is quite accurate. If you are using
mime_magic to detect the content then it trusts what the browser tells it
the MIME type is. However, we have found that Internet Explorer will not
correctly identify the MIME type of a document to be uploaded if that
document is held open by another application. This is most often seen when
someone edits a document in Word and then attaches it to a message without
first closing the document in Word. So it is true that the problem is with
Internet Explorer or Windows, but it the method that Horde uses to detect
the MIME type can result in the problem for the user.  We needed to
disable mime_magic and default back to Horde working it out for itself.
That may or may not be the cause of the problem in this case.

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