[horde] unseen messages all folders

Robin Rainton robin at rainton.com
Wed Jan 4 04:40:37 PST 2006

Hit the 'Folders' icon on the top of you mailbox listing. You will come to a
screen titled 'Folder Navigation'.

Use the +/- signs to expand any subfolders you're interested in.

Use the checkboxes next to the folders you want to check (or click the 
very top
one to get them all) then on the 'Choose Action:' dropdown pick 'Check
Folder(s) for New Mail'

Easy :)

Quoting Umar Draz <sync_mastar at yahoo.com>:

> hi dear members!
>   i had use squrrielmail  there is a option show unseen message on 
> All folders.
> i have Configure maildrop for my clients spamd mail automatically 
> dilivered to User's Spam folder.
>  but on Horde/IMP only Inobx shows how many unread message. I want 
> show unread messages on All folders, Inbox, Spam, Trash etc.
> how i can do that?
> Regards,
> Umar Draz
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