[horde] Errors after upgrading to php 4..4.1 on freebsd.

Robert Sand rsand at d.umn.edu
Wed Jan 4 10:50:39 PST 2006

Thanks but the Pear version is up2data and now all of the pear modules 
are.  This must be something with php that it doesn't like in the horde 
scripts anymore.

Craig White wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 11:35 -0600, Robert Sand wrote:
>>I just upgraded my php to 4.4.1 on my freebsd server and now I am 
>>getting these error messages when trying to access imp
>>*Notice*: Only variable references should be returned by reference in 
>>*/usr/local/www/data/horde/lib/SessionHandler.php* on line *59*
>>*Notice*: Only variable references should be returned by reference in 
>>*/usr/local/www/data/horde/lib/Auth.php* on line *92*
>>*Warning*: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by 
>>(output started at /usr/local/www/data/horde/lib/SessionHandler.php:59) 
>>in */usr/local/www/data/horde/index.php* on line *50
>>*It was working just fine until the php upgrade and then this.  I did 
>>just now upgrade to horde 3.0 to see if that would fix it but I am still 
>>getting these error messages.  Below is the versions of the horde 
>>applications I am running.
>>    * Horde: 3.0-cvs
>>    * IMP: 4.0-cvs
>>    * Turba: 2.0-cvs
>>    * Kronolith: 2.0-cvs
>>    * Mnemo: 2.0-cvs
>>    * Nag: 2.0-cvs
>any time you upgrade php, you are likely to have to upgrade the pear
>modules again - at least that has been the case in RHEL packaging since
>a php upgrade would put on older PEAR version back in place.

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