[horde] Imp message search problem -- bug report & patch

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at mail.curecanti.org
Tue Jan 10 22:04:11 PST 2006

Quoting "Daniel A. Ramaley" <daniel.ramaley at DRAKE.EDU>:

> As previously posted, i am setting up a webmail server with Imp 4.0.4 on
> Horde 3.0.9. This server, once working, will replace our old server that
> runs Imp 3.2.5 and Horde 2.1. The major problem right now is that
> message searches in Imp always returns "No messages match your search"
> even when manually checking reveals that their are indeed a number of
> messages that should have matched a given search. The old server works
> just fine, however. With the help of the mail server admin, i now know
> what the problem is, but not yet how to best fix it.
> We were able to log the imap conversation when Imp performs a search.
> Here is the relevant part:
> 10-JAN-2006  12:55:56.98: IMAP thread: [8] received 56 bytes
> 00000006 UID SEARCH CHARSET UTF-8 FROM address at example.com..
> 10-JAN-2006  12:55:56.98: IMAP thread: [8] sent 33 bytes
> 00000006 NO unsupported charset.
> The problem is the new version of Imp asks for a charset, while our imap
> server does not support character sets, and Imp incorrectly interprets
> the "NO" response to mean there were no search results. I didn't notice
> an option in Imp's configuration to disable the charset attribute that
> it sends, but below is a patch that fixes the problem. I think it is a
> kludge, but it works well enough that we will be able to upgrade to Imp
> 4 now. If the Imp developers have a better way to do this for the next
> version, that would be wonderful.

Yes, actually we do.  We query the server directly to determine  
whether it supports the charset parameter to the IMAP search call and  
then modify our subsequent calls to the IMAP server accordingly.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at curecanti.org]

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