[horde] Change loginname BEFORE authentication

Dengel Harald h_dengel at gmx.de
Wed Jan 11 16:06:26 PST 2006



My configuration: horde 3.1.RC1 with  imp, kronolith, turba and nag.
Authentication is performed by IMP over an imap-server. The imap-server
accepts only a kind of cryptic login-name (e.g. m1423565-6).

My problem is how to accomplish

1. that users can login with a user-friendly login-name (a kind of alias)
2. to convert this into the necessary form (m1423565-6)

I have already created a table in my horde DB with the original (imap-)
usernames and the corresponding (user-friendly) aliases, but my problem is,
that I don’t know, how and where to place the converting-instructions
(function), to convert the login-name BEFORE the authentication process
I tried to change the $userId in the \lib\horde\Auth.php file providing the
data from the above mentioned DB table but that didn't worked.
I also tried to solve the problem with the hooks function from the
hooks.php, but I couldn't find a function there, that applies BEFORE the
authentication process begins. The horde_hook_preauthenticate sounds good,
but gives as output a boolean while I need the $userID as output.
So can anyone give me a tip, in wich file I can place my "converting-tool",
so that the authentication process can the "new, converted" $userID 
to begin the authentication?
After 5 days of working wiht this problem, I abandoned all hopes for a

Can anybody help?
Tank you.

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