[horde] 1st time setup- test.php works, errors after that though

Christopher Edmonds christopher at lorax.org
Thu Jan 12 07:34:48 PST 2006

 >>Zitat von Christopher Edmonds <christopher at lorax.org>:
 > >anyway, have a very basic linux box:
 > >SuSE 10.0
 > >apache httpd 2.2.0
 > >mysql-5.0.18
 > >php-5.1.1 with requested modules from PEAR etc
 >> horde 2.13
 >The current versions are 3.0.9/3.1-RC1. Before you dig any deeper,
 >upgrade first.

Yes, you may not have noticed that i did post a correction to the  
version number immediately after that first post- i am using 3.0.9

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