[horde] Weather: No location is set

Chris grooveman at comcast.net
Sat Jan 14 22:19:46 PST 2006


I have set up horde 3.0.9.  I am trying to set up weather for the
portal, but it simply states "No location is set".

I am using open BSD 3.8 in a chroot jail with php4-core-4.4.0p0.  I
received my partner ID and my license key from weather.com.  I entered
those values on the "Portal Block Configuration" tab.  I have the pear
weather module installed (pear -d preferred_state=beta install -a
Services_Weather) and the XML_Serializer.

On the portal configuration page (click on "layout" button), it doesn't
seem to give me an option to choose my location.  Looking through
"options", I do not see an opportunity to set up my location either...

I poked around on the list archive, and I saw this:

 php -q buildMetarDB.php -a -t dbtype -d dbname -u yourusername -p 

I do not know if this is my answer, but even if it is, I do not have a
clue what values are needed for dbtype, dbname and username.

Would dbtype=mysql, dbname=horde, yourusername=root?

Can someone please tell me if this is what I need, and if it is what
values I use?

If is not, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


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