[horde] color coding events in kronolith

Ed Form ed.form at workgroupsolutions.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 04:14:57 PST 2006

Me wrote:
> That will not help me. With over 300 employees, I will not create category for
> every employee. I can create "vacation" category, but I will be back to where
> I started, all vacations will be lets say green insted of gray.
> It would be nice to assign a color to each individual event. With so many
> employees, there are a lot overlaping vacations. It would be nice to assign
> different color to different person...

The standard colour system on PC monitors won't allow enough 
differentiation for that many users. You'd be altogether better off to 
insist that all users begin event titles with their initials - or 
program it in so that the correct initials are already in the title bar.

If anyone knows how to do this i'd be very interested.

ed Form

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