[horde] mail > login failed ???

Schelstraete Bart bart at schelstraete.org
Thu Feb 16 05:24:30 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 15:05 +0200, Mehmet Fatih Akbulut wrote:
> hi all,
> mnemo, turba, chora, kronolith, nag, gollem, ingo, mimp, passwd these
> are installed packages. and i created a new user named root with
> password akbulut. [this user also has administrative priviledges.]
> when i try to login in my mail account :
> http://localhost/horde/imp with username root and password akbulut
> horde doesnt let me in :'(
> where am i doing wrong ?
> what else should i do so as to login my mail and start sending mails ???
> help please ;)

Did you install IMP? If so, how did you configure your IMP? 


Schelstraete Bart 
bart at schelstraete.org
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