[horde] LDAP Groups

Stuart Low stuart at planetmirror.com
Fri Feb 17 01:06:20 PST 2006

Hi there,

We are currently implementing the Horde suite as part of our "standard"
administration utilities. I've managed to setup LDAP users, address
books & mail aliases however I've yet to find a solution to also have
groups mapped via LDAP too.

I've noted the example group hook in the hooks.php.dist file that ships
with Horde however this does not appear to fulfill the requirements I'm
looking for (have the "Groups" administration manage our LDAP groups
tree and then match user membership from that tree).

What we've got so far is a tree reaching down as follows:

With additional groups being (for instance):

We've then got a multi value under this called "memberUid" which lists
all our applicable username's (ala, "stuart", "bob" etc) for the group.

I'd like to define permissions using the users/groups from LDAP so I'm
wondering if anyone has already create an elegant solution to the
problem? The documentation appears to indicate it IS possible but I've
been searching high and low for an example and some source code to suit
but to no avail.

Unfortunately for me, PHP isn't my forte, I'm a Perl man.

Thanks in advance for the assistance,

Stuart Low

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