[horde] patch'ing instructions, where to save them for all

Mark Worsdall horde at worsdall.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 04:42:51 PST 2006

In message <20060217112609.p4m7i4g41qoc4cog at neo.wg.de>, Jan Schneider 
<jan at horde.org> writes
>Zitat von Mark Worsdall <turba at worsdall.demon.co.uk>:
>> Hi
>> Cheers for that. phew, as if I have not spent a nightmare 3 days mount
>> everest learning curve with slapd ldap, so thanks for the pull up to the
>> top, well nearly to top:-)
>> Probably should go in the turba/docs/LDAP

This was in the turba group.

To patch do I just alter the original (making sure I still have a copy), 
then run diff on the 2 files save the o/p as original filename.patch?

Then do I submit it somewhere? This is the bit I am not sure on.

Mark Worsdall
http://www.shadowrobot.com/  need a hand??

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