[horde] Browser choice

Ed Form ed.form at workgroupsolutions.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 04:06:49 PST 2006

I'm just getting into using Horde at a client's site and the results are 
pretty positive with one small exception - when the system is onscreen 
and the user clicks a URL - perhaps in an email [we don't use the 
webmail functions in Horde] a new browser window opens to accomodate the 
request and the diaries remain untouched. If, however, the url is for a 
secure site the horde window is used, overwriting the horde screen which 
then has to be reopened and logged back in after the other task is complete.

A simple solution to this inconvenience is to use a different, 
non-default web browser for Horde so that clicked URLs always bring up a 
new window.

My question is: can anyone recommend a stripped down browser, preferably 
with no browsing controls at all so that only the internal horde 
commands are active?

As an alternative, I don't suppose anyone is looking at creating a 
native Windows application that runs Horde - In other words, why bother 
trying to hook into Outlook, replace it with a complete alternative.

Ed Form

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