[horde] Browser choice

Ed Form ed.form at workgroupsolutions.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 07:43:51 PST 2006

Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von Ed Form <ed.form at workgroupsolutions.co.uk>:
>>I'm just getting into using Horde at a client's site and the results are
>>pretty positive with one small exception - when the system is onscreen
>>and the user clicks a URL - perhaps in an email [we don't use the
>>webmail functions in Horde] a new browser window opens to accomodate the
>>request and the diaries remain untouched. If, however, the url is for a
>>secure site the horde window is used, overwriting the horde screen which
>>then has to be reopened and logged back in after the other task is complete.
> This sounds like a bug. Where do you see this? Can you create a ticket  
> on bugs.horde.org?

Actually I've just checked it out and it does not occur on my own 
machine with either Mozilla Firefox or IE7 set as the default browser. 
The occurrence is actually on the senior partner's machine at my 
client's and it occurs when he starts up Barclays Business Master - 
internet banking - which uses a secure website plus a card reader and a 
set of numbers as its security system.

I can't check this out till Monday, so I'll report back and, if 
neccessary, raise a ticket after that.

Ed Form

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